Welcome to my fabric boutique I carry fabric you will not see anywhere else. I want your shopping experience to be a wonderful one!

I have worked in the garment and textile industry for more than 20 years. I am experienced in various positions including sales, purchasing, designing, managing, and textile researcher. I attended the University of Minnesota and received a BS degree in apparel science and design. My experience includes creating commissioned pieces of fabric for a variety of clients including museums, galleries, quilting stores, clothing and accessory designers. Also, I have taken variety of courses in web development, marketing, and surface design techniques.
My Minneapolis based company has been in business for over 10 years, and my fabrics have been featured in a variety of magazines. In addition I have licensed several of my fabric designs to textile manufactures. As an integral part of Jacque Textile Designs ltd I have been proactive and constantly educate myself regarding new design and production techniques the textile industry. While attending college and working on a research grant, I found my passion and interest was in fabrics; the science behind fabric, different ways they are made and the variety of applications used. The creation process of textiles intrigued me, especially the printing and dyeing process.
My fabric designs are a creative expression of feelings, with explosions of color, which look three dimensional on a two dimensional surface. I am inspired by the dynamic imagery in nature: the forms, textures, colors, and I collect many objects of nature from trips and incorporate them into my designs. I love the texture of bark, veins in leaves, beauty of colors seen in tropical settings, wildlife and animals. I am also drawn to the shapes, colors, texture, and intricacy of beautiful landscapes, and the vastness and mysteries of the universe is inspiration for me. The first step in creating my art fabric is the creation of the design, and the inspiration must be discovered. I must decide what message I want to send the viewer, and what emotion I want to evoke from my fabrics. My main objective is to have the fabrics evoke a message or emotion from the person viewing them, even if it isn’t the one I intended.